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  • Daniel Fridgren

    Daniel Fridgren

    Curious. Introspective. Father. Yogistic. I’m Searchback on Spotify and SoundCloud.

  • Lucas Wilk

    Lucas Wilk

    Digital disruption in all its forms. And a bit of footy too.

  • Sejal Hathi

    Sejal Hathi

    @Yale student | Social entrepreneur | @Forbes 30 under 30 | Innovating for global health and women's empowerment | Building @girltankorg & @s2cap

  • Helene Finidori

    Helene Finidori

    Tracking and cultivating emerging change and better ways of doing business & politics. If it's inspiring and empowering, pass it on...

  • Aaron Bateman

    Aaron Bateman

    Former journalist, former copywriter, current communication consultant.

  • Matt Sawkill

    Matt Sawkill

    Making a more digital government.

  • K.E. Wells

    K.E. Wells

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